Seoul Taekwondo Academy (STA)


Address: 7744 Gunston Plaza, Lorton, VA 22079, United States

GPS: 38.70498, -77.209013
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Phone number: +1 703-339-9400

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Seoul Taekwondo Academy (STA) Seoul Taekwondo Academy (STA) Seoul Taekwondo Academy (STA) Seoul Taekwondo Academy (STA)

Customers reviews

Total rating: 3.33/5, rated 5x
Seoul Taekwondo Academy (STA)
: aggregate rating: 3/3
I have had my kids attending this school for 3 years and I have watched them during the classes most of the time. In addition, having learned Taekwondo from a national team coach when I was younger, I can discern between good teaching and bad one. This place is the former. The masters are energetic and enthusiastic and the grand master tops it off with technicality. There are even some people who decided to come all the way from Springfield after "TKD school shopping". This place is the right one if you want you child to get more than some exercise from TKD.
quality: 3/3
Seoul Taekwondo Academy (STA)
: aggregate rating: 3/3
I have been training at this location for nearly five years and can honestly say that this is one of the best schools in the area. The Grandmaster and master instructors are all highly competent and experienced and truly care about teaching each student to perform at their best. As a long time martial artist, if I did not believe in the instructors or the program they are teaching I would not be here myself, I am proud to count myself as one of their students. The facilities are good, well maintained and provide a safe environment for learning Taekwondo. If you are interested in learning Taekwondo they have programs for children and adults and I would encourage you to come and see this school and meet the instructors for yourself, you will not be disapointed.
overall: 3/3
Seoul Taekwondo Academy (STA)
: aggregate rating: 2/3
The grand master is highly qualified to teach the classes provided, and his son is an equally charismatic instructor and the kids adore him. They demand a lot from their students and compared to the other facilities in the area, they're top-notch. Trained in South Korea, they've learned the art first-hand, and do their best to pass their skills on to their students. It teaches kids (and parents!) to be respectful, punctual, dedicated and highly involved. A great after-school program for any child!
overall: 2/3
Seoul Taekwondo Academy (STA)
: aggregate rating: 0/3
My daughter and I have had an extremly bad experience with this school currently under new management. Other than abusing the information you may provide such as SS# and you phone, the new management neither look after the kids who are awaiting for there turn to attend the class. In addtion, the smell (new paint) on the wall is unhealthy to young children. Further more the new management appears to fraud the customers by putting uncertified teachers and calling them Masters and Grand Masters. Often the instructors are just very low profile tae kwon do practitioners who just Koreans. Be very careful with this school under the new management and careless instructors and owners who are just there to rip off your money.
overall: 0/3